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5 stunning day trips from Madrid

Madrid is one of the most beautiful cities you can visit in Spain, but apart from the several places you can visit in the capital of Spain, there are some spots in the nearbies that really deserve a day trip. Personally, I would recommend you to visit the following ones:

1. Segovia

Mirador del Alcazar y los dos valles viewpoint

How to get there

You can get to Segovia in just 27 minutes if you take the high-speed railway (AVE) that departs many times per day from Monday to Sunday from Madrid-Chamartin train station. The round trip price may vary depending on how much in advance you book the tickets, but 22 euros would be a normal price. (book the tickets in advance clicking here). Once in Segovia, you have to take the bus 11 or 12 to the city center (see location of the bus stop on Google Maps clicking here) that costs 2 euros (you should pay directly to the bus driver).

Places to visit

The most popular spot in Segovia is the roman aqueduct, but you cannot miss the XVIII's century cathedral, the medieval castle of Alcazar, the San Martin church and, finally, the Mirador del Alcazar y los dos valles viewpoint, where you can obtain the best views of the Alcazar (see image above).

2. Toledo

Mirador del Valle viewpoint in Toledo

How to get there

The high-speed railway 'AVE' also arrives to Toledo. Specifically, the journey takes 34 minutes from Madrid-Puerta de Atocha train station and there are many departures per day during all the year. The round trip price is 22 euros. Once in Toledo, you can walk to the city centre since the train station is close to it (one and a half kilometer).

Places to visit

The main tourist attraction is the medieval castle called Alcazar. But you should not miss the Alcantara bridge, the amazing XIII's century cathedral, the jawdropping views from Jesuitas church and Mirador del Valle (see picture above), the synagogue, el Greco museum and, finally, the impressive train station.

3. Avila

How to get there

The fastest way of getting from Madrid to Avila in public transportation is taking the 1h 30 min train that departs daily from Madrid-Principe Pio train station. The round trip costs 20 euros and you can book your tickets in advance in the official website of Renfe clicking here.

Places to visit

The defensive wall of Avila is one of the largest in Europe and the favorite attraction of visitors. You can walk along the wall almost one and a half kilometers, obtaining unbeatable views of other landmarks as San Vicentes' basilica and the cathedrals' tower. Entering inside the cathedral is other thing you must do, as well as visiting Santo Tomas Monastery, Mercado Chico, the main square, Santa Teresa de Jesus church and Los Cuatro Postes viewpoint, where you can get panoramic views of the city centre surrounded by the walls.

4. Salamanca

How to get there

While the train is the fastest option to travel from Madrid to Salamanca, there are no departures in the morning until 11.10 am, so if you are planning a day trip you will end up with little time to explore the city since the journey takes almost 3 hours, meaning that you will arrive as soon as at 2 pm. The round trip costs 40 euros and you can book in advance in Renfe official website clicking here. If you decide to go by train, your departure station will be Madrid-Principe Pio.

The alternative is taking the bus, that departs every morning at 8.30 am, arriving to Salamanca at 11.55 a.m for a price of 30 euros round trip. The company that runs this rout is Avanza and they let you plan your journey in advance and book the tickets in their official website clicking here. Departures are from bus' south station (see location on Google Maps clicking here).

Places to visit

Salamanca has one of the largest cathedrals in Spain, a totally stunning temple that you can visit, as well as its tower, Ieronimus. From La Clerecia you can gaze at how big it is. The Plaza Mayor is also an amazing place to check, as the roman bridge. Finally, you should try to find the frog on the facade of the University building and contemplate the bizarre Casa de las Conchas.

5. Consuegra

How to get there

The only way of getting in public transportation to this small town from Madrid or Toledo is the bus. The company that runs the route between Madrid and Consuegra is Interbus. You can check their scheduled buses, prices and book in advance in their official website clicking here. The buses depart from the south bus station in Madrid (see location on Google Maps clicking here). The price for one way is 12.70 euros.

On the other hand, if you are planning to visit from Toledo, the company that runs the route is Grupo Samar. You can check their scheduled buses and prices in their official website clicking here. You can pay the trip directly to the bus driver in cash. The price for one way is 5.38 euros.

Departures from Consuegra are from the bus station.

Places to visit

The traditional wind mills of La Mancha are the main attractive of this town. They appear on Cervantes' worldwide known novel 'Don Quijote'. The Muela castle is other spot you cannot miss, as well as the main square of the village, surrounded by historic buildings.


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