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4 things to do in Liechtenstein

With an area of just 160 square kilometres, Liechtenstein is one of the smallest countries in Europe, just behind The Vatican City and San Marino. Neighboured by Austria and Switzerland, this small Principality has not played a relevant role in Europe history.

It was part of the Recia province in the Roman Empire but it has never been a relevant settlement. In 1699, the Prince Adan Andres bought the manor of Schellenberg and, in 1712, the county of Vaduz. Seven years later, both territories were unified under the newborn Principality of Liechtenstein.

It entered the Schengen Area in 2011 and nowadays its economy is dependent on financial and banking services. Liechtenstein shares the currency with Switzerland, so you will pay everything in Swiss Frank. The Principality has no airport nor train stration, so the best way to arrive to this little country is flying to Zurich, the nearest airport.

(all the pictures shown in this post have been taken by me and are geolocated, so clicking on them will led you to the precise location where they were taken)

1. Vaduz Castle

On the top of the hill, there is this amazing castle. It is the residence of the Prince, so it is closed to visitors all year round. Anyway, you cannot miss the opportunity of enjoying the views form their surroundings with the high mountains and the Rhine valley in the background.

Best places to visit in Liechtenstein

2. St. Florian Cathedral, Vaduz

Liechtenstein is a Christian country. Almost 95% of its population declares themselves to be religious and one of the most beautiful temples is the St. Florian Cathedral, located in the capital of the country, Vaduz.

Best places to visit in Liechtenstein

3. Balzers

In the south of the country, I found one of the most impressive castles I have ever seen. And not by the castle itself, but by the jaw-dropping surroundings.

Best places to visit in Liechtenstein

4. Triesenberg

Triesenberg is a small municipality that lays high in the mountains. Easily accessible by public transportation, the scenic views that you can enjoy from there makes stopping here compulsory. The sunset is specially awesome.

Best places to visit in Liechtenstein

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