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My name is Diego, I live in Barcelona and I am an economist. I love travelling so I am constantly seeking new destinations to discover, elsewhere. I often travel alone but sometimes I carry my family or friends with me. Through this travel blog, Efecto Fernweh, I share my experiences around the world, giving (I hope) useful advices. Moreover, you can check my progress with the 'progress bar chart' that I update every time I visit a new place.


iPhone 15 Pro Max

The main characteristics of my trips are the following:

Lot of planification. I like to gather all the places I want to visit reading other travel blogs and/or watching documentaries of the place in Youtube. Once I have all the places, I distribute them through the days I am staying so everyday I have clear what I am going to see and at what time.

Budget-efficient trips. I am not a backpacker nor a luxury traveller. I like to spend money on the right things and I try to be as rational as possible. If there is a train to get to a place, why taking a taxi?

I always eat like a local. Every time I go to a restaurant while travelling I always try to taste local cuisine. Eating in a McDonald's in Morocco does not add any value to the trip. Trying a couscous or a tajinne in a restaurant does it.

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